One of a Style testimonial – Raffaella



We have worked with Stefania from One of a Style on her Promotional Video and we are pleased to bring you another video from her series with this client testimonial. Raffaella Anzalone wanted to share her experience of Stefania’s services and how easy it was to work with her. “Friendly and professional” are just some of the words mentioned in this video.

By interviewing Raffaella for this testimonial, we were able to help her relax in front of the camera. Stefania wanted a short 30 second video for use across her social media channels and here at UFocus Production, we were able to help her client see that her pace of delivery really delivered a message with impact. The filming process of this client testimonial, through our experience, helped Stefania give her prospective clients another voice to support her brand vision of a quality, caring and fun business to work with, that is “life changing” for many.