Monika Kozlowska – Fulfilment Coach



This promotional video was created for Monika Kozlowska in London. She wanted a promotional video to highlight her journey as a Fulfilment Coach. After graduating and buying a one-way ticket to the UK, her story unfolds in this visual narration of Monika’s determination to find a satisfying career that would bring value to other people’s lives. “To be able to survive a month without having to check her bank account once and be surrounded by loving people and dogs. To wake up every day feeling fulfilled.”

This was Monika’s first time in front of a camera and staring in her own promotional video. Here at UFocus Production we have the experience to help make people feel at ease in front of the camera, building a strong relationship that starts in the pre-production sessions.  You can see the beautiful end result of her words echoing the essence of her work. This promotional video appears on her website and her social media feed, with the subtitles added to ensure people can read the messages if they aren’t in a position to hear the sound when they first view the video.