Who We Are

At UFocus Production we are a full service video production agency, with a passion for creating content that adds value to your proposition.  Using the technology to its best, we create corporate and commercial videos that are impactful, meaningful and resonate with your audience. Before starting any project, we always develop a comprehensive brief, either created by the client or by our team, that includes your targeted audience, the message you want to deliver and the script of the video content. Here at UFocus we do our best to understand well who you are and what you do. This helps us create audio-visual as well as static content that helps drive your business forward.


We leverage the power of technology to provide the best footage that covers everything and anything you need. Starting with your marketing aims and objectives as well as defining your audience, we create and work from briefs that are clear and targeted. This means that at UFocus our output always matches your brand ethos and meets your marketing objectives, be it providing you with footage filmed at an event or a complete and shiny video created by us from script to screen. Working across cultures and sectors, we are also able to overcome logistical challenges, as well as any unexpected events, to create videos that shimmer and shine.


When editing any video content, we harness the most innovative and exciting software to transform challenging audiovisual content into an impressive piece of marketing collateral. Either filmed by our team or by your own videographer, by gaining an in depth insight into your brand and identity we are able to add titles, background music, transitions and subtitles to really make the most of your video content. Once you have approved the final version we can then upload it into a USB drive, as well as online, so you access, share and download wherever you are.

Colour correction and colour grading

Acting a little like a kind of a Photoshop retouch for your video, our colour correction service helps you to manage the brightness and contrast of your video content as well as tweak the colour tone of it. This will help a video seem far cleaner, slicker and more professional; it ensures your video achieves its full potential. Whilst this is a natural add on to our filming service, we also offer advanced colour correction, which allows you to add depth, richness and warmth to your video content, transforming it from standard content into something striking and cinematic. 

Basic animation

In creating characterful animated and illustrated content we are able to enrich the video content of the companies we work with. We create characters that inspire, stimulate and tantalise and that work in tandem with your marketing efforts, so that they can help offer a relatable and unique dimension to your video and truly help you tell a story in a simple and engaging manner. It can prove particularly useful for those who are looking to communicate complicated or abstract information in a way that is unique and innovative. Encompassing everything from the script to the animation, we create clips that help contribute to your marketing efforts. 


A service that works in tandem with our video and animation arm, we take still photography just as seriously as our moving images. We work with individuals to make them feel comfortable in their own skin and with objects to ensure that they are cleverly photographed using the best possible angles and lighting. We use the same passion and dedication to create images that flatter and highlight, helping to enhance your overall marketing efforts. As part of our service we specialise in photography for:

  • Portraits
  • Food 
  • Events
  • Products

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